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Network of God's Grace: Loving, Growing, Transforming 



To be in “network” together is to connect, relate, and develop together...Help us in exploring networking together!

Old Friends

In 2021, we celbrated 150 years as a faith community charter.  Yet, we are working on and towards growth from our Healthy Church Initiative.   Our strategic recommendations center around vision, community connections, small group development, leadership restructuring, and WOW Worship. 


We provide ministries of Loving, Growing, Transforming witnesses to God’s grace around all ages/phases of life.  Explore our “Ministries” page for more around these enhancements to your/our faith growth.


Prayer is the communication to/from our Lord for developing our faith lives.  We demonstrate this for individual, small group, and corporate faith expressions. 

Discussing Books

Learning to Live Inside Out: Lent serise

Lent is a bi-directional season. Or at least it should be. Too often, we see the Lenten journey 
simply as a journey inward. While that is a great start or an important component to a 
powerful Lenten experience, it can’t be the whole story. Examining your soul is more than 
just looking inward; it is also considering the state of your soul as it walks about in the 
world. Historically, the church has talked about the spiritual disciplines in two directions. 
Like the great commandment, these two sides of the same coin cannot ultimately be separated. Our 
series is about doing both – looking inward and moving outward. We are learning to live inside out.


ASH WEDNESDAY MID-WEEK SERVICE The Fast We Choose... (Wed. February 22nd at 6:30PM)— Isaiah 58:1-12/Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 Gather for this reflective service fit for all ages...the mark/imposition of ashes is a powerful reminder of all ages understanding both our human frailty and Jesus’ love for us. Music, symbolism, and reflection will be evident, as we gather to begin the Lenten Journey.


SUNDAY WORSHIP IN LENT... If You Fall Down... (February 26th) Matthew 4:1-11 If we endeavor to work in the world around us, we will fall down. From time to time, we will fail; our efforts will not be received in the spirit intended; the fruit will be slow in coming. So, if we must fall, let us fall down in worship of the one who redeems us.


Guest Leader—Semisi Paongo Sr. (March 5th) Genesis 12:1-4, John 3:1-17 We welcome Semisi as he shares a message, prayers, and leadership for this Worship Service (as Pastor Sam is on some vacation time). We thank him for such leadership! Please note that communion will be served on March 12th.


Give Me Water... (March 12th)—John 4:5-42 With Holy Communion (Daylight Savings Time Change!!) We’re thirsty this week. That’s the point. Thirsting for the living waters that Jesus spoke about to the woman at the well.

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